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Spring and Snow タイトル:Spring and Snow
ID:639 最終更新:2012/10/07 12:24:36 ( 登録:2012/10/07 12:24:25 )
作者:iDOL ジャンル:^^
作者コメント:Song for Xenoglossia


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16 :Gwonam:20/06/15(月) 00:25:12 ID:sgtHAHl1
These are the Faces of Evil. You must conquer each!

15 :Link:20/06/15(月) 00:24:17 ID:sgtHAHl1
Wow, what are all those HEADS?

14 :Gwonam:20/06/15(月) 00:23:24 ID:sgtHAHl1
Squadalah! We're off!

13 :Zelda:20/06/15(月) 00:23:07 ID:sgtHAHl1
You've gotta to be kidding me!

12 :Link:20/06/15(月) 00:22:54 ID:sgtHAHl1
How about a kiss, for luck?

11 :Gwonam:20/06/15(月) 00:22:35 ID:sgtHAHl1
There is no time, your sword is enough!

10 :Link:20/06/15(月) 00:22:16 ID:sgtHAHl1
Great! I'll grab my stuff!

9 :Gwonam:20/06/15(月) 00:21:50 ID:sgtHAHl1
It is written: "Only Link can defeat Ganon".

8 :King Harkinian:20/06/15(月) 00:21:27 ID:sgtHAHl1
Hmm, how can we help?

7 :Gwonam:20/06/15(月) 00:21:07 ID:sgtHAHl1
Your majesty, Ganon and his minions have seized the island of Koridai.

6 :Link:20/06/15(月) 00:20:40 ID:sgtHAHl1
I just wonder what Ganon's up to.

5 :King Harkinian:20/06/15(月) 00:20:06 ID:sgtHAHl1
MAH BOI, this peace is what all true warriors strive for?

4 :Link:20/06/15(月) 00:19:44 ID:sgtHAHl1
Gee, it sure is boring around here.

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